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09 Dec

Easy Income From Domain Parking

Posted in Marketing on 09.12.13

Unsure of what to do with your languishing registered domain names? SEOparking is a special parking provider which allows one to maximize the income and SEO benefits from your uncultivated website domain names. Many website parking services merely provide a simple faux 'Search Engine' website landing page having a handful of suggested web links, but no true content and no motivation for online search engine to crawl or index the particular parked domain webpages. On top of that, you also need ...

27 Nov

Best USB Speakers For MacBook Pro Or Air

Posted in Computers on 27.11.13

By far and away the best selling Macintosh computer models are the Apple MacBook Air andPro laptop line. Nearly 3 out of every four Macs purchased are either the razor thin MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. Notebook computers fulfill the increasing demand for portable computing devices. Consumers also prefer lightweight computers that are easy to travel with. As a result the form factor of notebook computing has led to smaller screen sizes and thinner case designs. In this squeeze of the ...

27 Nov

MacBook Microphones

Posted in Computers on 27.11.13

For some casual needs some Apple MacBook owners might find the built-in microphone buried under the keyboard surface of their laptop to be decent enough for routine audio recording and capture. Yet if you were to attach a USB microphone of nearly any sort and evaluated the audio capture quality when switching between each you'd quickly realize the internal microphone Apple provides to be somewhat lacking. Its not just about the quality of the microphone elements Apple uses. Being internally ...

27 Nov

Portable USB Speakers

Posted in Computers on 27.11.13

The best selection in USB laptop speakers can work great in the house or the workplace with your desktop Macintosh system or MacBook Pro and can be ready to travel if needed. There is a a few things to point out when considering getting the best USB powered laptop speaker for your audio and music listening requirements. These of speakers use just a single USB cable connection for power and clean digital sound reproduction. No battery nor A/C power supply is needed. That means no charging ...

27 Nov

Best Mac Tax Software 2013

Posted in Computers on 27.11.13

Increasing numbers of new Mac computer users joining the Macintosh computer clan there is a greater demand than ever before for the best Mac tax software to help with filing State and Federal income taxes. Unless you're only prepping a very basic 1040 or 1040 EZ Fed tax form, you need all the assistance you can muster to prepare taxes on one's Mac with ease and accuracy. The primary programs for Mac tax prep for 2013 are Intuit's long-standing TurboTax and H&R Block At Home - once called ...

24 Sep

Mac Article Spinner - SpinRewriter 4.0

Posted in Internet on 24.09.13

Blog owners who do article marketing may go after strategies to publish multiple posts across a vast range of blogs or content websites. Both Windows PC and Macintosh web masters might decide to check out a free trial of these MS Windows or Mac OS content spinning web services or apps to help produce largely unique articles from an original article to avoid duplicate content penalty issues that Google or other search engine might inflict.Blog and Article spintax generation may be done ...

04 Sep

why should I choose Ubuntu?

Posted in Computers on 04.09.13

Following Ubuntu since earlier versions, you can have the real idea of the evolutions of Ubuntu along these years.
Not always easy and with a lot of compromises... But now we're so close to say: a new season is coming!
All Ubuntu followers, probably still have "that old pc", of the early years, that still runs under an oldest version of ubuntu, that was able, in that times, to revive a deadPC(win)walking, that had so many near-death-experiences, due to all the win-issues that forced ...

04 Sep

why open source?

Posted in Education on 04.09.13

How many things can we "write" (on) open source? ... A lot more than a few! Precisely because it is open, it is a much broader, and it becomes a mindset, because it originates from an archetype mind. "The information must flow". There are advantages and disadvantages, as in all things! But you'll agree with me that in recent years, the open-source culture has generated a lot of realities, especially for the average users with no advanced computer skills ... Let's be ...

24 Aug

Portable USB Computer Speakers

Posted in Computers on 24.08.13

The best option in USB laptop speakers can serve you well at your home or the workplace with your desktop Macintosh setup or MacBook laptop and ready to take on the go if required. There are a several points to point out when considering shopping for a USB portable speakers for your audio and music listening tastes. These of loudspeakers use just a single USB cable connection for power and pure digital sound reproduction. No battery or A/C power adapter is required. That bypasses charging ...

19 Aug

SSD For MacBook

Posted in Computers on 19.08.13

Ultra fast solid-state flash SSD hard drive technology is delivering new hieghts of computing performance to Apple computer users. A SSD for Apple computers might the very best performance upgrade you can ever experience. One of the newest blazingly fast options from major drive manufacturers might be a Crucial SSD for Mac SATA III drive swaps.While Apple Inc. now offers many BTO SSD upgrades, those more advanced users of older Macs may choose to do a DIY hard disk ...