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03 Apr

IT Consultant London

Posted in Computers on 03.04.13

Mac Support LondonApple Mac OS X as you can well understand is an operating system designed by Apple which works only on Macintosh systems. It is a UNIX based graphical interface operating system and this is generally available as a pre-loaded operating system in all the Macintosh systems since the year 2002.Computer Expert London  is about the technical assistance you may or will need while working on it. This being a UNIX based operating system is generally may be a bit ...

13 Feb

Mac Webcams

Posted in Computers on 13.02.13

Considering shopping for a USB High-Def Mac web camera for your web video chat needs? More and more Apple Mac users are utilizing direct HD video conferencing for their online communication needs.A growing selection High-Def webcams that comply with the UVC - USB Video Class spec that is a critical need for a Mac web cam to be usable on Apple's OSX. The built-in UVC cam drivers guarantee basic cam functionality as its connected.Most webcams adhere to the UVC specification standard but not ...

16 Jan

Mac ThunderBolt Drives And Accessories

Posted in Computers on 16.01.13

Computer manufacturers Intel and Apple unleashed a cutting edge computer data interface called ThunderBolt about a year ago. It was slow to take hold, but now we're seeing ever more Apple ThunderBolt hard drive technology reaching the market place. Capable of data speeds of up to Ten Gb/ps on each of the dual channels, it promises twice the transfer bandwidth of its nearest competition - the 5 Gbps emerging SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port standard.  The small and compact ThunderBolt ports ...

07 Jan

Here's What Most People Don't Get About Blogging and Search Engine Rankings

Posted in Marketing on 07.01.13

Having a blog is like putting up a billboard in a Nebraska cornfield.The chances of anyone seeing it are minimal.  Not many 'eyeballs' on that puppy :)Here's the deal.If you're posting on your own WordPress blog… you're basically competing with BILLIONS of other blogs… for a handful of top search engine rankings.The solution is simpleWrite your blog posts on an SEO optimized blogging platform, that's ALREADY ranked in the top 500 websites in the world!  A platform which the search ...

26 Dec

BPM Methodology (BPM) VS BPM Software Technology (BPMS)

Posted in Business on 26.12.12

Often people enter into BPM from one perspective and entirely miss the benefits of the other. BPMS consultants often apply software technology without following any type of BPM methodology. BPM consultants that focus on Lean Six Sigma or other process improvement methods or management methods are often unaware of what BPMS technology has to offer and how it can be a component of their overall initiative.  To yield the most significant business results BPM should be applied in combination ...

14 Dec

Portable Printers and Scanners for Apple MacBook Users

Posted in Computers on 14.12.12

With the majority of Apple computer system shoppers currently opting for Mac notebooks the consumer interest in MacBook mobile printer solutions is growing significantly. As with much of tech advances, ever-shrinking product form factors are leading to to increasingly smaller and lightweight computer peripherals like travel scanners and inkjet printing products. Computer peripheral manufacturers such as HP and Canon Inc lead the market in travel printers for Apple Mac and PC operating ...

12 Dec

Webcam Mac

Posted in Computers on 12.12.12

Exploring the desire of a external HD webcam for Mac for Apple Macintosh video conferencing needs? Although many types of Apple computer systems and Cinema displays feature a internal iSight web cam, there are a few environments where having an external webcam can yield far more versatility in the webcams viewing angles than a in-built iSight web cam will allow.Apple compatible webcams are required to be UVC compliant to be recognized with a Mac's bundled operating system drivers for ...

10 Dec

Three Cheap ThunderBolt Backup Drives

Posted in Computers on 10.12.12

Arguably it has been a long slow arrival to the fast lane of ultra fast 10GBps ThunderBolt drives. Nearly two years after Apple and Intel debuted ThunderBolt enabled computers we are now finally enjoying a decent choice of Apple compatible ThunderBolt drives and gadgets to shop for for our Macintosh computer setup.3 of the most affordable and cheapest ThunderBolt drives currently available for under $300 include the following choices following:1 Terabyte and 500GB Buffalo Technologies ...

07 Dec

Mac USB 3.0 Accessories

Posted in Technology on 07.12.12

Undoubtedly the arrival of USB3 connectors on MacBook laptops is a very important step to the future of SuperSpeed USB3 accessories for Mac computers. Allowing up to 10 times the potential speed transfers over aging USB 2.0, USB 3.0 promises to release enhanced performance for a broad assortment of computer system peripherals. USB3's compatibility with traditional USB 2.0 components makes sure of it will likely be a comparatively smooth turning point to the high-speed USB 3.0 future. Apple is ...

06 Dec

Printers and Scanners for Apple MacBooks

Posted in Computers on 06.12.12

Computer system device manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard and Canon Inc lead the marketplace for portable notebook printers for Mac and Windows OS. Each weighing under five pounds they are acceptable to carry along with one's Apple MacBook Pro or the ultra light Mac Air laptop computer. For some corporate users in specific where papers merely MUST be printed or scanned on workplace travels, there are options perfect for both OSX mobile scanning and printing requirements. For some corporate ...